Supporting Our Clients On And Off The Field

919 Sports Management is a professional athlete representation and marketing firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

We offer our clients the necessary counsel, advocacy and opportunity to ensure success on and off the field. Our representation is centered around developing a personal and lasting relationship with each of our clients through dedication, transparency and the pursuit of common goals.

919 Sports Management strives to partner with talented athletes who possess high character and the necessary passion, commitment and self-discipline to succeed.

We believe that our representation continues beyond our clients’ playing careers and we are committed to providing a lifetime of guidance and support.

While our initial representation focuses on the athlete’s pursuit of greatness on the field, the second phase of our representation assists our clients in capitalizing on off field interests and creating a lasting and prolific legacy for their families.

Our promise is our dedication to the success and happiness of each of our clients.

The 919 Advisory Board

Vincent Nicolsen
Owner and Attorney

Grayson Bethel
Agent and Attorney

Willie Parker
Retired NFL Player and Entrepreneur

Marques Ogden
Retired NFL Player and Entrepreneur

Ric Serritella
Creator of NFL DraftBible; Advance Scout NFLPA Bowl

Michael “Mook” Williams
Retired Pro Football Player Agent


“I just knew immediately he cared about my best interests. I’m indebted to him because I truly think he’s the reason I got picked up by the Chargers. I call Vincent any day of the week; even if it’s not about business, we’re just buddies, and he always is doing something for me trying to get myself in a position to make money and put my brand in a better place. Vincent treats his clients like he treats his family, and not every agent is like that. He has always put my best interests first.”

Cole Christiansen- Current Kansas City Chief


“You always have to be one step ahead. You always have to think about the last play. My post-career has been quite similar. He (Vincent) helped me find my post-career passion. He definitely gives me his wisdom and expertise. He coaches me up so it’s not like he’s trying to get me to something for his sake. No, he’s trying to really help me out for me and my family’s sake.”

Willie Parker – Former Pittsburgh Steeler



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